Enecto guarantee people are at the heart of what we do. We strive to deliver the most efficient and effective services to our clients by being honest, keeping things simple but most importantly keeping you informed and your buildings operational.

We pride ourselves in our responsiveness, customer service and our range of knowledge in building services and facilities management. We ensure our team at all levels are quick to respond, knowledgeable and proactive.

We understand the importance of having your buildings fully operational to enable you to be able to deliver your services seamlessly.

Safety and compliance are an essential component in how we deliver our services ensuring you and your buildings always remain safe. As an independently owned service provider we have the ability to be flexible, adaptable and tailor our services to your needs.

We will implement changes to enhance the performance of your facilities while cutting your energy consumption and site running costs. We deliver leading M&E and Fabric Services across multiple sectors and with a proven track record of high client satisfaction.

We’re confident, that we will deliver the best solutions to overcome existing challenges and leave you with a safer and efficient facilities.






Customer Focused

In today’s competitive business landscape, customer focus is more important than ever.

At Enecto, we genuinely prioritise our customers’ well-being and consistently work to exceed expectations, to achieve sustainable success and build a loyal customer base.

Technical Excellence

We offer the highest level of proficiency and skill in technical disciplines, ensuring that we consistently achieve exceptional quality, innovation, and problem-solving within the M&E sector.

Through understanding of technical tools, and best practices, we push the boundaries of what is possible through continuous learning and improvement.

Safety & Compliance

Safety and compliance play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of individuals, clients/organisations, and communities. Striking a balance between safety and compliance involves creating a culture of responsibility, accountability, and continuous improvement, which we pride ourselves on achieving to prevent harm and uphold ethical and legal standards.

Financial Understanding

A strong financial understanding as a service provider involves effective budgeting, competitive pricing, transparent financial communication, risk management, and the ability to analyse financial data to make informed business decisions. By integrating these financial considerations into our operations, Enecto enhances it’s sustainability and contributes effectively to clients’ success.

Sustainability Standards

Sustainability standards are crucial for M&E businesses to ensure they operate in an ethical, responsible, and environmentally conscious manner.

These standards guide us in minimising their negative impacts on the environment, society, and the economy, whilst maximising positive contributions.


Whilst we don’t shy away from conventional ways of working, one of our core strengths is to build innovative practices by exploring creative strategy.

Innovation is a driving force for growth, adaptability, and success in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

We are an adaptable business that achieves continuous improvements and problem-solving solutions.

Industry Recognised

Enecto is recognised by the industry and clients for setting a benchmark for quality, safety, efficiency, and best practice standards.

Our standards drive us to deliver success for businesses and organisations.

Social Value

M&E businesses play a crucial role in assessing and improving the effectiveness of projects, programs, and initiatives.

By focusing on generating positive social value, we contribute to meaningful and sustainable change on society, communities, and the individuals we serve.

International Coverage

We offer a full UK & Ireland Coverage.